Yes, Peace and Purpose meditation coloring book is good for you

The Peace and Purpose Meditation Coloring Book is good for you, and it’s not like eating those vegetables you despise.  You know the ones that you dread eating but do anyhow because it’s good for you.  Peace and purpose is fun and healthy for you.  It’s like when you eat something that is so delectable that you feel guilty only to discover it was a guilt free delight.  You can enjoy playing and having fun in the Peace and Purpose Meditation Coloring Book knowing that it is good for you.

Pull up a chair, a bed, or a piece of carpet.  Grab your favorite beverage.  Put on your favorite music.  Reach into your Peace and Purpose bag to retrieve your Peace and Purpose coloring book and Peace and Purpose pencils.  Pick a picture that speaks to you.  And, begin to settle in and enjoy this time that you have created just for you.  Take a sip of your beverage; blend the colors; sing a line from that song you love; use a marker with the pencils; smudge your pencil lines.  Bring the picture to life.  All the time, know that by focusing on the coloring, you are slowing down your heart, you are relaxing into your breathing, and the stress is melting away.

Once you are done, you have created a beautiful picture.  You have taken time to meditate into your coloring.  You have given yourself a much deserved gift.  It was fun.  It made you happy.  It calmed you.  It was good for you.  On top of all that, you do have something to show for it.