Turn anxiety off by using Peace and Purpose coloring as tool to focus away from too many thoughts

Stress and anxiety in today’s society are affecting a majority of people, many more than in past decades.  People who deal with these feelings want relief.  Meditation has been offered as a tool for relieving stress and anxiety, and increasing our well being.  Although it is not a panacea, coloring can be a tool to release anxiety.  The Peace and Purpose Meditation Coloring Book can be used as a form of meditation.  It allows the mind to focus on the activity of coloring, calm our breathing, and slow our heart beat back to normal.

The act of coloring focuses our mind on something tangible.  Although we can still find our mind wandering and chattering, it is much easier to bring it back to focus when it and our hands are involved in the activity of coloring.  We are mindfully choosing colors to fill the different spaces on the page.  We can become absorbed in the picture, the coloring, the artful choice of color, and the story.  If the page depicts a joyful activity or picture, we become absorbed in thoughts of the story before us.  Creating positive thoughts to replace our anxious thoughts when our mind wanders.

If we make coloring a part of our routine, it becomes a pleasant meditation.  An escape into our world of peace.  We can further our world of calm by drinking our favorite beverage and playing our favorite music in the background.  If we want to explore our character and determine the triggers of our stress, we can transition to the workbook section of the book, and excavate sources of our stress, finding exercises and suggestions to help us heal.  We can babystep our way into self-exploration, and we can start with the self-care practice of coloring.