Self-care principles you can apply to yourself as you grow with the Peace and Purpose meditation coloring book

There are five aspects of self-care that we all need to cultivate; spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, and financial.  The Peace and Purpose Meditation Coloring Book helps us explore these areas to discover what is working and what needs to be worked on for our personal growth.  If we allow this book to guide us, we can emerge from our time with it as a well-rounded person who is healthy and happy and ready to give back to the world.

  1.  Spiritual--The workbook section of Peace and Purpose starts with “Six God Statements.”  We can use these to meditate on and center our spiritual practices.  One exercise directs us to purposefully set spiritual goals. This can be just the beginning of sparking ideas for our spiritual wellness.
  1. Emotional--The workbook has, “Self-Esteem Affirmations” and “10 Power Affirmation.”  These help us work on our emotional state.  Working with the direct instruction from the workbook, thoughtfully answering the questions, and doing the actions when required can help our emotional awareness grow.
  1. Intellectual--Prompts are given to further our intellectual growth by reading a book or acquiring a new skill.  The Peace and Purpose Meditation Coloring Book is a complete practice to increase our intellectual growth.  It requires us to think deeply about different topics and gives us exercises to complete and then write about giving us cognitive growth.
  1. Physical--Suggestions are given on keeping our physical bodies fit and healthy.  We are asked to consider what we are eating, how we are moving our bodies, what we are drinking.  If changes are desired, we are asked to challenge ourselves to make those healthy physical changes.
  1. Financial--The workbook has “Six Financial Affirmations” to contemplate our financial health.  As with the other areas, we can walk through the exercises to discover new strategies to increase our financial well-being.

            As we regularly schedule time for our self-care practice, the Peace and Purpose Meditation Coloring Book, gives us many of the tools to take care of our well-being.  It offers us a relaxing, artistic, fun adventure into the discovery of who we are and a look at who we want to grow to be.