Peace and Purpose meditation book deconstructs lifetime question we ask ourselves daily with new approach

When we are ready to take on our personal growth challenge and deconstruct lifetime questions that have been haunting us, the Peace and Purpose Meditation Coloring Book gives us a new approach.  It has a variety of ideas and activities to keep us focused in a variety of ways.

The first section offers us the coloring book which depicts life through fashion, lifestyle, physical activity, and relationships.  Through the coloring we can work on meditation in a multitude of ways which adds variety to our self-care practice.  It’s relaxing and fun, too.

The beginning of the workbook section offers us affirmation.  Depending on what we need, we can choose from the “Six God Affirmations,” “Self-Esteem Affirmations,” “Six Financial Affirmations,” and “10 Power Affirmation.”  Any of these statements can be used to begin to train our minds away from the negative, replacing it with any one of these positive thoughts.

We are then led to contemplate our goals we want to set in the five important aspects of our life; spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, and financial.  Putting our goals down, allows us to revisit them whenever we have success in that area or when we are struggling.  It gives a focus as we pursue our personal growth and a record of our expansion and journey.

We are then given “36 Meaningful Exercises” that gently lead us to contemplate our lifetime questions in a new way.  We are led to set daily goals, to dream big, to think about our meditation practice, to walk in nature, to take care of our physical body, to practice mindfulness and that is just the first half of the exercises. By following through and reflecting on these lifetime questions, we begin to change the inner landscape of our minds.

The Peace and Purpose Coloring Book is a movement for women to take control of their self-care and personal growth.  It gives us variety, so we don’t get bored.  It is innovative with the suggestions it gives for looking at our lives and then it asks us questions.  We can meditate on our answers and use the space available to journal our adventure.  We can begin our daily or weekly journey by setting the tone for peace and purpose through coloring.  Once we are in a meditative state of mind, we can begin our course to a better us one step at a time.