How Peace and Purpose meditation coloring books brings meditation to life

The Peace and Purpose Meditation Coloring book is a novel idea that not only gives us culturally beautiful pictures to color, but a workbook of affirmations, prompts and exercises to encourage our personal growth and brings meditation to life.  The pictures depict different moments in life that allow us to immerse into a world we may not know or one we would like to savor and meditate on as we bring our personal interpretation through color to them.  If we are conscious of what we are doing when we complete each picture in the book, perhaps even finding an affirmation to contemplate as we are coloring, we can soothe our souls through this meditative activity and bring our own creativity to our pictures.

One form of meditation for example is choosing a picture that depicts a place we would like to visit or a state of being or a look we wish to embrace.  Then we flip back to the workbook section and choose an affirmation from the 10 Power Affirmations.  For instance, “I am a gift to the world in whatever form I am in today.  I evolve daily by adding positive thoughts and actions to my day.”  As we color the picture of choice and find our mind wandering, as it will, we bring it back to the affirmation, the picture, and the act of coloring.  If we do this daily, we are gently  training our scattered thoughts to focus on the activity and the positive affirmation.

Another way we can use the Peace and Purpose Meditation Coloring book to meditate is to relive experiences of happiness from our past through the coloring book pages.  Studies have shown that reliving our happy times creates longer lasting well being and happiness in our future.  We can, therefore, select a picture that reminds us of a happy time. As we color the page, we reflect on that happy moment. Our bodies get the experience the feel good hormones all over again.

And finally, we can use the Peace and Purpose Meditation Coloring book to relax and have fun, which is another form of meditation.  There are laughing meditations and smiling meditations.  Just relaxing, coloring, and enjoying the time to create, can be a powerful form of meditation.  The very act of being absorbed in the activity allows our minds to take a break from judgement and criticism. 

We can use these strategies to bring meditation to life on a daily basis and with fun and creativity as we color in the pages of the Peace and Purpose Meditation Coloring book.  As we allow our brains to slow down into a joyful activity, we create peace and over time discover our purpose.