Coloring can inspire a message of hope and stimulate new health ambitions

The Peace and Purpose Meditation Coloring book is an innovative mix of fun exercises for personal growth that stimulate new health ambitions and a trip back to childhood bliss through coloring.  It can inspire a message of hope, community, and play when we work with others to explore the greatest adventure of our inner landscape.

By building a community of trust with our sisters, we can explore and share the rich world of who we are and experiment with transitional strategies for improvement.  We can create a party for coloring and sharing, making it a monthly event.  We can share our social time with women while we are building our coloring community into a community of trust and learning to help stimulate healthier habits among us.  By supporting each other and holding each other accountable we can know that the healthier habits we want can be had in our spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, and financial lives.

In our coloring group we can build each other up supporting our sisters who struggle in our areas of strength and getting the support in the areas we struggle.  We can share life from a positive safe place when the world outside our group may not be serving us in the way we would like.  We can meet in person, or with technology, we can meet virtually.  The joy comes from being with like minded women who share the journey with us of creating healthier lives.