Bring back level of elementary school fearlessness and innocent by coloring in Peace and Purpose

The Peace and Purpose Meditation Coloring Book can be used to reach back to simpler times when our creativity was not restrained by inner critics.  We can experience the fearlessness and innocence of our days in elementary school.  If we approach our coloring with that same abandon, we are taking care of our inner child by remembering the freedom of youth.

Imagine it’s the beginning of school.  We are getting supplies and we get a small box, 8 count or if we are lucky 24 count, of crayons.  We really want the big 96 count with the sharpener in the box.  There is something about that box of perfectly sharpened new crayons with what seems like an infinite possibility of colors.  We can now indulge that child who wanted all those colors now that we are an adult.  Maybe it wasn’t the box of crayons but a box of colored pencils and not just the standard colors, but a box that opens up color opportunities.  Maybe it's a box of pastels, a medium we may not be familiar with, but would like to explore. Maybe it is markers that speak to our hearts and the child within.  Whatever medium or mediums we choose to explore, let’s satisfy that child within and explore the colors however they present themselves.

Remember when a teacher let us pick the picture we wanted to color and tore it out of the book.  Remember, getting a brand new coloring book and having what seemed like an infinite number of creative possibilities.  We would sit at a table, on the floor, at a desk, on the bed, and we would color.  We might color by ourselves or we might share coloring time with a special friend.  We got ideas for our art work from our friend or caregiver who was coloring with us.  She may have used more than one crayon in a section, creating a blend of colors.  Our mind is blown, we have never considered that technique.  Or, she darkly outlines their section with a heavier hand than she used in the interior.  Or, she used pastels and a tissue to smudge the color into the section.  All new ideas that we may be incorporate into our own coloring practice.

Some of us could spend hours immersed in our creative journeys.  Absorbed in picking the perfect colors, the colors that spoke to us at the time.  Softly, applying the color in some sections, and giving a darker color in other sections.  As we recreate that coloring time and remember our childhood, we meditate on the peace and calm that comes from shutting out all the noise around us and savoring the time we have chosen to satisfy that child within.  We give her what she loved from the past and satisfy wants that may not have materialized, but now can.

The Peace and Purpose Meditation Coloring Book can take us back to the fearlessness and innocence of long ago.  It allows us to satisfy the wants we may not have received as a child, for instance, that box of 96 crayons.  And, it allows us to reflect on the simple joys we felt playing with color and technique.  Playing is an important part of childhood and it’s not too late to enjoy the benefits no matter what our age is presently.