7 tip for resetting your life with affirmations

We all have had experience with our inner voice, and I think most people have the challenge of keeping that voice positive.  It tends to call up past perceived mistakes, failures, and anything else it can do to bring us down.  As we become more self-aware, we can make plans to reset our thoughts, replace them with positive affirmations.  Our brains constantly feed us with affirmations, our choice is to make them positive affirmation to reset our life.

  1. Create affirmation to say or write when we feel helpless--To use affirmations successfully, we have to have them at our fingertips or at the forefront of our thoughts at all times.  When times present themselves, it becomes easy to pull them out and use them as needed to replace the negative affirmations.  Maybe we are in a meeting that isn’t going so well, but we are an observer.  Instead of being pulled in the drama, we escape to our positive affirmations, either repeating them silently in our mind or writing them repeatedly in our notebook, virtual or actual. Maybe we are impatiently waiting in line or stuck in traffic, we can start repeating our affirmations as a positive mental exercise.   We can use that time of irritation to improve our well-being.
    1. Put affirmation on our mirror with a dry erase marker to remind us as we brush our teeth--We can make positive affirmation a part of our morning routine.  This can be done in several ways.  We can write them on the mirror with a dry erase marker, seeing it everytime we walk into the bathroom.  We can put it on a sticky note and repeat it as we brush our teeth or step out of the shower.
      1. Have affirmation to repeat as you fall asleep--The subconscious mind is very powerful.  As we prepare for our dream time, we can work on resetting our subconscious by repeating affirmation instead of counting sheep.  We can also find meditations with affirmations to play on our technology or we can record our own affirmation, allowing us to have those positive statements be the last we hear as we drift off to sleep.  The simplest way is to take our memorized affirmations to our bed as a meditation mantra to fall asleep to and reset our life.
        1. Check our thoughts, if they are repeating negative ideas, we need a memorized positive affirmation to replace them--Often times when we have had a troubling incident in our life, we will ruminate on it over and over and over,  creating negative affirmations.  Our subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality.  By constantly reliving, or “what iffing” our past and future, we perpetuate that negativity into our reality.  A better way to perpetuate our reality is with positive affirmations and imagery.  When we believe good things, see those good things, and say those good things in our life, it changes our life for the good.
          1. Wake up in the morning and repeat an affirmation for the day, keeping it in mind throughout the day--To keep our affirmations in the forefront of our minds throughout the day, we can pick one we wish to concentrate on and associate it with a habit in our life.  For instance, everytime we drink something, we reaffirm our affirmation.  Everytime we look at our computer, we can have the affirmation on a sticky note or scrolling as our screensaver.  Whatever the task we choose, we can associate it with our affirmations to keep it with us throughout the day, training our thoughts and improving our well-being.
            1. Listen to what we say and think.--As said before, most of our affirmations are, by default, negative.  Usually, they come to rest and repeat in our thoughts as we are doing some repetitive activity and letting our thoughts wander and are not in the moment.  As we become more self-aware, we can halt our negative thinking and replace it with an affirmation, positive thought, or visualization, or return to being present in the moment.  This allows us to slow the negativity train of thought and change it to the positive train.
              1. Make up a song for our affirmations.--Children and adults learn through songs and music.  There is a great history of societies’ beliefs and values being taught through music and songs.  Why not use these same techniques to change our thinking by creating our own songs with positive affirmations or finding songs with lyrics that uplift us and change our mood. Music will help us remember our affirmations, allowing us to incorporate them into our daily activities.

                Changing what we think is a simple theory, but can be difficult at first to enact.  We need to be diligent in observing what thoughts we are having, and we have to be ready, with memorized or readily available positive affirmation, to change our thinking.  Once we get the momentum on the negative train, it becomes even more difficult to slow it down and reverse it to the positive.  If we are prepared beforehand, we have a better chance of keeping our thoughts on the positive train with affirmations and allowing it to get the momentum to reset our lives.