7 Innovative mediation methods you can use when you are coloring in Peace and Purpose meditation coloring book

The Peace and Purpose Meditation Coloring Book is designed to foster personal growth through exploration and meditation.  Here are 7 meditative ideas for your exploration.  Some of them may be familiar, some may require your imagination.  Try them and see what works and appeals to you.

  1.  Color Therapy--Color has been shown to invoke different feelings.  As we are coloring in our Peace and Purpose Meditation book we can pick a color scheme that creates the feelings we are seeking.  For instance, blue is associated with calmness.  If we want to enhance our calm, we can pick a blue theme for the picture we are coloring.  Yellow is a happy color.  If we need a boost, we can pick the fun color of yellow to enhance our picture and keep the thought of the color in our mind.
  1.  Storytelling--We can use coloring as a time to create uplifting stories about the characters we are coloring.  We pick a picture that brings our imagination to life.  Maybe it’s the picture of the golfer, and as we color the picture, we tell the story of her on the golf course with her three other friends.  They have not been together in months and have chosen their time to catch up, enjoy the sun, and maybe get a personal best score or maybe not, maybe they focus on their friendship instead of the competition.  We immerse ourselves in the story as we color bringing the story in our mind and on the page to life.
  1.  Affirmation--Write one of the affirmations from the workbook part on the page you are coloring.  Choose from the “Six God Statements,” “Self-Esteem Affirmations,” “Six Financial Affirmations,” or “10 Power Affirmations,”  As you are coloring, return to the statement written on the page, using it as a mantra to fill your mind each time you find it wandering.
  1.  Visual Meditation--Once you have completed your masterpiece, use it to bring back the peace you experienced as you created it.  Meditate on your finished project by recalling the way you felt as you spent precious time with yourself.  If you happened to use an affirmation, breath in the words and release their power in your out breath.
  1. Breathing Meditation--Pick an affirmation that you feel drawn to from the Peace and Purpose Meditation Coloring Book.  Prepare to sit quietly in a chair, feet planted on the floor, and observe your breath.  Set your phone alarm or a kitchen timer to encourage a longer meditation.  With your eyes closed, picture your breath as it enters and leaves your body.  Then take 3 slow deep breaths in through your nose, if you need a count, try four, hold your breath for the count of four, and release it through your nose to the count of four.  Now, whispering, recite the affirmation.  If you need to, open your eyes and read it.  Slowly close your eyes and repeat the affirmation.  If your mind wanders, and it will, gently bring it back to the affirmation.  If you need to remember the words, it’s okay to look back to bring it back into focus.  After the time has passed, take 3 deep breaths, with the last one releasing with a sigh.  Feel the peace you have created.  Namaste.
  1.  Manifestation Meditation--The Law of Attraction suggests that we must see with our mental eye what we want to bring forth in our life, affirming what we put energy into in our life creates the life we are living.  We can use our meditation time to work on manifesting what we want in our life.  Pick a picture that depicts something you wish to bring forth in your life.  As you color, bring as much detail as you can to the story and coloring.  When you are done, regularly revisit the picture. Place it on your bathroom mirror or on your fridge. Fell all the wonder and joy created by it until it becomes a reality.
  1.  Simple Coloring--The very act of coloring has shown to slow down the mind, the breathing, and the heart.  Simply taking time to color is a meditative state.  We must fully emerge ourselves in the act and savor each moment of coloring.  It will bring peace and calm to us which helps us face life as it presents itself.
These seven meditation techniques are yours to experiment with through the Peace and Purpose Meditation Coloring Book.  Try them all and discover what works for you.  If you become bored with any technique, try another.  Oftentimes, we don’t meditate because there seems to be so many rules.  This list shows that meditation is being absorbed in an activity or thought, pushing out the chatter in our minds.  Whichever technique helps you discover the quiet and calm of your mind, is the choice best for you.