5 Questions to Answer so Our Life has Purpose

As the calling comes to fulfill our life’s purpose, we need to take care that our lives are in balance in the physical, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and financial areas, so we are ready to answer the calling.  On a regular basis, we should reevaluate each of these areas by asking the following questions.

  1. Am I the best I can physically be?--We need to look at our physical activities.  Are we getting enough exercise?  Whether it’s walking, dancing, running, hiking, organized sports, yoga, tai chi, pilates, kickboxing, or any other form of exercise, we need to check-in with ourselves to determine if we are exercising at the very least 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes a day and create a weekly schedule for physical activity.  Also, we need to determine if our diet is helping us be in optimal physical health.  We need to eat nourishing foods and work to reduce unhealthy eating habits. We need to get yearly check-ups with our doctor or health practitioner and follow their recommendations for a healthy life.  When our body is healthy, we are not distracted by illness and can concentrate on living a life of purpose, and we can give our very best to others.
    1. Do I have a connection to a higher source?--We need to stay connected to a higher source.  Higher source goes by many names, but the important thing is to have some ritual that reminds us of our connection and leads us to fulfilling our life purpose.  Having a daily morning ritual that includes reading inspirational texts, meditation, journaling, and/or prayer, will help keep us connected.  Sharing a weekly devotional with others, heightens our spiritual connections as well as our emotional connections.  When we are centered and connected to a higher source, we are able to hear the calling to our purpose.
      1. Do I challenge my mind?--We need to exercise our minds by learning something new.  We increase our brain power through education which allows us more tools for problem solving in our life purpose.  Teaching ourselves new ideas can be done through reading or listening to books, taking courses through numerous avenues, or watching educational videos through various platforms. We need to work on expanding our mind and keeping it healthy.
        1. Do I have a connection with other people?--Being in the company of others is essential for our mental health.  The people we connect with need to uplift us and give us comfort.  Sometimes, they will challenge our thinking and/or introduce us to new ideas. We are a social species and being connected is essential.  It takes us out of our little world and gives us a sense of belonging and security.  Circumstances might dictate creativity for our interactions.  Instead of meeting in person, we may need to connect through technology.  It is just important that we connect.
          1. Am I financially prepared for my future?--Anyone who has struggled with finances, knows how it can be a major distraction, worry, and concern in life.  It drains us of energy that we can use in other areas of our life.  If we are prepared for financial setbacks, like a flat tire, instead of it being a crisis, it becomes an inconvenience.  Life is much easier if we have money to fix it than if we don’t, and have to struggle with the domino effect.  If we build wealth, we can more easily fulfill our life purpose as we have more resources, time and money, to help us advance our purpose.

                  If any of the above areas of our life become out of balance, a major part of our energy will be spent on getting back in balance instead of fulfilling our purpose in life.  If we are ill, it takes all our energy on becoming healthy.  If we are broke, we work on getting the money to fix the problem.  If we are lonely, we waste our time swimming in negative thoughts and activities.  Our gift and purpose in the world is to be in equilibrium, allowing us to be an example as well as a positive force in the community around us.