3 Gifts A Smile will give you when you smile from inside out

Before the emoji there were happy face pins.  Smiles are a positive force around us.  Although the best smile is the one that comes from sincerity and sparkles in the eyes, there is something to the old receptionist’s strategy.  In old school office classes, it was taught to smile before answering the phone.  It changed the mood of the person answering the phone and gave a more positive tone for the caller.

  1. Smiling can change our mood--It’s like the receptionist’s story above.  The act of putting a smile on our face can change our mood.  Sometimes, we have to fake it until we make it, and putting a smile on our face can change our attitude as well as those around us.
    1. Exercise for your face--A smile exercises our face muscles and gives us a more youthful appearance.
      1. Inspiring for those around us--We all are drawn to people with a smile.  Smiles are inviting and make us feel comfortable.  When a baby smiles at us, it melts our heart.  When strangers smile, it brings a spark of joy to us.  We can return those gifts just by lifting the corners of our mouth.
          Smiling at others is a gift we give them, but it is a gift we give to ourselves.  It lifts our spirit as well as those around us and it takes very little to do it.